All four Mystery Dramas

All four Mystery Dramas

03 July 2019 | Wolfgang Held

All four Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner will be performed as part of the conference ‹Spirituality – Fear and Health› from 29 July to 4 August 2019.

The production of Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas at the Goetheanum is both old and new, both established and fresh: it is established because the Goetheanum Stage has performed it for nine years, and new because a new eurythmy ensemble means that all scenes had to be reworked. Gioia Falk, who is artistic director and in charge of the production, points out that «I myself have developed; I see the dramas differently now than I did at the beginning. And a new audience has formed.»

The continuity in the casting of the play has allowed the protagonists to evolve; for over a decade, the free ensemble has each time come together for this at the Goetheanum.

As Christian Peter, the dramatic director for this production, reveals, special plans are underway for this summer. Several conferences, each aimed at specific interests and professional groups, will take place at the same time, all of them concluding in the ‹Mystery Drama Festival›, so that the drama’s full dynamic is pooled in one cycle. The convoluted developments in Rudolf Steiner’s plays then serve as a lens through which today’s questions and challenges can be understood at a deeper level and in a way that is closer to life. Experienced speakers from crisis areas, from medicine and education will complement the programme.

Could these plans become a tradition as it happened with Parzival elsewhere, I ask. Gioia Falk’s reply: «It would be great if the dramas could lead us that way».

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