Fear and health

Fear and health

29 May 2019 Sebastian Jüngel 3065 views

At the forthcoming summer conference at the Goetheanum, from 29 July to 4 August, on Spirituality, Fear and Health the Goetheanum Stage will perform Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas.

«What I experience inside has increasingly an immediate effect on the outside – there is no buffer or protective zone in between», says Gioia Falk, who is the artistic director in the present production of Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas at the Goetheanum. Mystery Dramas project inner processes outside. In these dramas Rudolf Steiner presents human beings as they experience inner challenges in their encounters with each other and try to work together in their lives. The one succeeds, the other fails.

The impact of spiritual experiences

Through spiritual realism and in the personalities of the protagonists we encounter our own existential questions. Stefan Hasler, director of the Goetheanum Stage, says, «Fear and disorientation are an expression of how we experience the impact of spiritual experiences. The images of the Mystery Dramas can help us relate our own vulnerable soul situation to the experience of standing at the abyss». Gioia Falk adds another aspect, «When I participate in the outside world as it is, I may well hear my conscience speaking and in my actions I take responsibility.»

The General Anthroposophical Section, the Medical Section and the Youth Section at the Goetheanum complement the performance of the four Dramas at the Summer Festival week by embedding them in a programme that focuses on the «Fear and Health». Joan Sleigh of the General Anthroposophical Section says, «The Mystery Dramas allow us to engage with a spirituality that does not deny fear but encourages us to find our own strength by approaching it consciously.»

Performances (in German) Four Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner, Goetheanum Stage

Conference (lectures and work groups in German and English)
Spirituality – Fear and Health. Challenges for Individuals and Society, 29 July–4 August 2019, Goetheanum

Limited special offer for under 35s: 250 CHF (incl. meals and accommodation), www.youthsection.org/event/mys...