Transformation of a building

Transformation of a building

27 May 2020 Susanne Böttge 3353 views

Making metamorphosis come to life – a first exhibition site will illustrate the development from the First Goetheanum to Rudolf Steiner’s model for the second building.

This site will be in close vicinity to Rudolf Steiner’s Studio. The model of the First Goetheanum (on a scale of 1:20), created with great diligence by Rudolf Feuerstack and his helpers over a period of more than 25 years, is a research project commissioned by the Goetheanum Building Administration. It will be embedded in an exhibition to be designed by Pieter van der Ree and François Croissant.

The model’s current location near the wooden sculpture of the Representative of Humanity was part of a workshop project conceived in 2010 that was provisionally limited to five years. The project has been supported by an association as well as interested individuals and visitors. So far, the model’s relocation to a more suitable site has been postponed again and again, not least for financial reasons.

Despite the financially tight situation, preparations are now underway for converting the left Schreinerei Südsaal (south room) and for a remodelling of the forecourt area. Work on these projects is due to start in early June 2020. The idea is to display the model in a suitable environment, with information that will bring to life the historical development from the first Goetheanum to the design of the second building. The exhibition is due to open towards the end of the year.

Four further exhibition sites are planned, spread across the Goetheanum campus, that will show variations on the theme of metamorphosis in the work of Goethe and Steiner.