Collaboration of young people and biodynamic agriculture

Collaboration of young people and biodynamic agriculture

27 January 2021 Sebastian Jüngel 1334 views

Biodynamic agriculture has listened to the climate concerns of the young people and the young people trust that they are being heard. Both will pool their strengths and experiences for the digital conference ‘Breathing With the Climate Crisis’.

When farmers look at the climate, they are concerned with making the earth as fertile as possible and with minimizing carbon dioxide. “Without a healthy climate there will be no harvest,” is how Ueli Hurter, farmer and co-leader of the Goetheanum‘s Section for Agriculture, summarizes the situation. Farmers are struggling with extreme weather conditions, with heat waves and heavy rain, which is as damaging to the soil as droughts are, exposing it to erosion. Young people are concerned about the earth and about keeping it inhabitable far into the future.

Constanza Kaliks, head of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum, is convinced that “New impulses will grow from the collaboration of farmers and young people. The commitment of the younger generation creates a foundation for the future of the earth.” Ronja Eis, a Youth Section co-worker adds, “While nature has been an important topic for young people over the past three years, their relationship to it is now – due to changes in the outside world and inspired by movements such as Fridays For Future or Extinction Rebellion – becoming more and more of a priority.”

For the first time, the energy of young people committed to climate issues and the experiences of biodynamic farmers will now be pooled at the digital conference ‘Breathing With the Climate Crisis’. Their joint premise is a climate concept that will bring facts regarding cosmic rhythms and the implications of the Anthropocene together with a view of the earth as a living being. The way people deal with the earth depends on the way they see it: as a supplier of raw materials, or as a living organism or a sacred place in the cosmos. Values that are important in this context are respect for the environment and the earth‘s biodiversity, an ecological concept of growth and models for a climate-friendly economy and society.

Digital conference Breathing With the Climate Crisis: Ecologically – Socially – Spiritually, 11 to 14 February 2021, Goetheanum

English translation by Margot M. Saar.

Image: Motif of the poster of the conference 'Breathing With the Clima Crisis' by Jasminka Bogdanovic