The next hundred years

The next hundred years

27 November 2019 | Florian Osswald & Claus-Peter Röh

The Section’s activities focused on the Waldorf 100 celebrations: perceiving, giving impulses, sharing experiences – and taking Rudolf Steiner’s anthropology into the next generation.

The international diversity and integrative power of this school movement were strongly apparent at the conference on the First Teachers’ Course at the Goetheanum and during the Waldorf 100 events in the autumn: in the interplay of individual initiative and a strong social orientation, in the alternation of artistic creativity with scientific and intellectual reflection, and, encompassing all of these, the loving interest in the development of young people.

From the transformative stream of this vibrant mixture emerged the serious future tasks of the Education Section: given the current generational change that many schools are experiencing, the teaching faculties need to find new, flexible methods of working with Rudolf Steiner’s First Teachers’ Course.

Challenging topics of our time such as the harmonious development of body, soul, and spirit demand new steps in interdisciplinary cooperation: for instance at the Early Childhood Congress in 2020 or at the second meeting of educators and school doctors. Then new perspectives and approaches can be gained from working together on the metamorphoses and transitions of child development.

In the colloquia that we share with the Social Science Section we are studying the question of today’s family culture. The international initiative for questions of professional training is focusing on the growing need for teachers in our school movement – aiming at inspiring new impulses of cooperation and exchange among the training centres.