Digital programme

Digital programme

24 February 2021 Sebastian Jüngel 2198 views

The Goetheanum is providing a growing range of online events. Here is a selection of the new contributions.

Film series The Art of Healing (German with English subtitles), Medical Section: The Art of Healing shows renowned doctors and therapists practising their healing art on patients and lets them speak in interviews. Prominent voices from science, culture and politics round off the picture. The seven episodes show the origins and history of Anthroposophic Medicine, its current application in clinical and outpatient practice, the manufacturing of anthroposophic medicines, an in-depth presentation of mistletoe therapy in oncology, a portrayal of nursing and body therapies, and a segment on training and research.

Video series
Building Trust (German with subtitles in English, French and Spanish), Education Section: parents, educators and teachers need to adapt constantly to ever changing regulations put into place to combat Covid-19. Much that one used to find important needs to be given up. This series of videos with Philipp Reubke, Claus-Peter Röh, Florian Osswald and Constanza Kaliks provides food for thought, inspiration and contributions to discussions.

Video and podcast
We Want to Shape the World (German), Section for Social Sciences: Gerald Häfner talks with people about ways, thoughts and ideas for shaping tomorrow’s world.

Studies and Professional Development

Goetheanum Online Study Course (German, English, Spanish/Portuguese and French):

31 May to 27 June 2021

Goetheanum Adult Education Pro­gramme

19 to 22 May 2021: Module I, Modelling ways to address development and karma

1 to 4 June 2022: Module II, Modelling ways to address Goethe­anism and Steiner’s perspective on Christ

Goetheanum Leadership Course

11 to 14 May 2021: Module I, Leading in turbulent times

9 to 12 November 2021: Module II, Initiating and Sustaining Transformation