February Days

February Days

18 February 2020 | Ioana Viscrianu

More than 210 young people gathered from 30 January to 2 February under the motto Bound to Earth to talk about climate questions.

«This conference both gave me an overview of anthroposophical thinking and it turned into a wonderful journey to deeper insights into my own forces and my own ability to become active.» This is the comment of an 18-year old participant from Romania, one of 213 young people from 28 countries who came in search of a deeper understanding of today’s climate crisis and ways of making their own contribution towards overcoming it.

A wide range of themes were covered at this meeting: questions of human consciousness; the relevance of forming a relationship with the world and with oneself and how this is linked to the current social, economic and political situation in the world; the climate question as an inner crisis of humanity; and projects and activities in response to the climate crisis, for instance in the Amazon rainforest or through festivals around the globe that focus on nature or the environment. While these issues were deepened in discussions, work groups and performances, participants also developed their own approaches and took new inspirations with them.

Hope arose from these meetings that there are people who are working on these questions, that much good is being done and that a future of humanity and nature is conceivable and achievable – a thought that was expressed variously by participants during the meeting.

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