Further training on vision

Further training on vision

25 March 2020 | Kasper Zett

On 1 and 2 May the Goetheanum will hold a further training course in eurythmy therapy on vision. The course will be open to eurythmy therapists, eurythmists and anyone interested in the subject-matter.

The sensory world of objects has come to rest out of dynamic movement. The eye is the sense organ that has come closest to crystalline lifelessness. If we look at the world around us merely analytically, applying a science based on gravity, the world will remain dead or even slip below the sensory.

So, much of what we see in the world of the senses is movement come to rest. In this further training in eurythmy therapy visual perception gradually becomes creative process.

But how do we activate the kind of vision and perception that go beyond sensory impressions? How can we look at a painting, a plant or a human movement – particularly a eurythmy movement – and perceive what is not visible to the physical eye? Inspired by the four stages addressed by Rudolf Steiner in the verse “See, my eye […] my heart […] my soul […] my spirit” (ga 268), we can use exercises to methodically develop four perceptual stages. Specific eurythmy exercises, corresponding to the eye of the heart, the soul and the spirit, can help to engage as many of the upper, central and lower senses as possible in the perceptual process. Our aim will be to expand our vision in our everyday life and work, particularly for the diagnostic process in therapy. The training is open to anyone interested in the topic.

Further training Learning to See – with Heart, Soul and Spirit (in German with whisper translation into English), 1-2 May 2020, Goetheanum
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