Goetheanum Leadership Course to continue in 2021

Goetheanum Leadership Course to continue in 2021

26 May 2020 Sebastian Jüngel 399 views

In addition to entrepreneurial skills, leadership of an enterprise increasingly asks for the ability to respond to external crises at various levels. The Goetheanum Leadership Course provides inspiration for self-leadership and a basis for building up a network of collegial expertise.

“When the world around us becomes uncertain – as is the case presently due to climate and finance issues and the Coronavirus measures – it is helpful to widen one‘s horizon by exchanging with others,” says Jean-Michel Florin, one of the lecturers on the Goetheanum Leadership Course. This course helps entrepreneurs to access sources of strengths. These include self-leadership based on self-reflection and methods for developing inner freedom. The knowledge and skills of experienced colleagues are another such source of strength. The participants of the Goetheanum Leadership Course meet their need for sharing experiences by remaining in contact between the modules. Paul Mackay, a member of the Leadership faculty, has observed that “They greatly inspire and complement each other”. He sees it as a crucial precondition for entrepreneurship that “the inspirations conveyed become a part of life so that one not only knows things but is also enabled to act in situations one is not prepared for.”

The demands on leaders caused by the Corona crisis are initially the same as those imposed by other crises: “to find the possible in the midst of the impossible” (Paul Mackay). An additional requirement is the ability to address co-workers at various levels in ways that make it possible for the enterprise to “remain healthy and on track and to act confidently,” says Jean-Michel Florin. Paul Mackay explains that “Dealing with forms of fear that affect us more deeply than concerns about our place of work is a challenge.” The way to achieve this is by showing interest. “When we are interested and when we carry a question over several days through the night, a working relationship emerges that is rooted in the cause itself and in our humanity.”

Goetheanum Leadership

Course 1 to 4 February 2021

Module 1 8 to 11 November 2021; Module 2 14 to 17 February 2022


Translation by Margot M. Saar