Goethe’s Faust Parts 1 and 2

Goethe’s Faust Parts 1 and 2

31 October 2019 Sebastian Jüngel 3655 views

In 2020 the Goetheanum Stage will present Faust Parts 1 and 2 by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in a new production directed by Andrea Pfaehler and Eduardo Torres.

Goethe’s Faust Parts 1 and 2 will be performed again at the Goetheanum in the summer of 2020. Since its premiere in 1938 – and this is unique in the world – the Goetheanum has been regularly showing unabridged performances of both parts of the tragedy. The forthcoming new production will constitute a new approach.

With the help of Georg Darvas, the Faust team around Andrea Pfaehler (director), Eduardo Torres (eurythmy), Stefan Hasler (artistic director) and Nils Frischknecht (Goetheanum Stage) has worked out a shortened version that can be performed in around nine hours. The overall impression will be retained, allowing the audience to have an overview and follow the plot as it unfolds.

The new production of Faust Parts 1 and 2 will premiere on 20 and 21 June 2020. Further performances will be integrated into special Faust Weekends under the motto of «Faust+». The various Sections at the Goetheanum will select topical questions and deepen them against the background of the Faust story. For, as ever, the special character of Faust at the Goetheanum lies in an approach to the question of «becoming human» and to the tasks of humanity that is inspired by spiritual science and relates to the present time. In June, there will be a special Faust programme for school classes (www.goetheanum-paedagogik.ch/veranstaltungen/faust-schueler-tagung).

20 – 21 June 2020
Performance of Goethe’s Faust Parts 1 and 2 (premiere) (German)
3 – 5 July 2020
From Gretchen to Greta: ‹How is it with you and climate change›? Section for Agriculture (conference: German, French; performance in German with parallel reading in French via headphones)
10 – 12 July 2020
Crises, Chasms and Development – Humanity and Medicine Today (German), Medical Section
17 – 19 July 2020
Faust Macht Geld (German), Section for Social Sciences
24 – 26 July 2020
Between Homunculus and Euphorion. Becoming Human or Staying Human? (German), Humanities Section and Visual Arts Section

Advance ticket sale from December 2019.

Web: www.faust.jetzt