Healing the wounds of Europe

Healing the wounds of Europe

03 July 2019 | Richard Ramsbotham

World War One represented a deep trauma for the soul of Europe, the effects of which we are still living with. A conference in London on 14 and 15 September will focus on ways of healing these wounds.

The crisis we have been experiencing over Brexit clearly reveals that the right relationship of Britain, Europe and the world remains an unsolved riddle.

The name of the event springs from the awareness that there will be no solution to this riddle until we can recognize the deep existential wounds Europe suffers from, and until we begin to ask, in a good spirit, serious and wide-ranging questions about what ails it and about what it may need for its healing.

The aim of the event is not to argue for or against existing mainstream approaches, but rather to arrive at new perspectives and possible ways forward, which strive to go beyond the stark divisions we increasingly witness around us. We will do this through profound and searching presentations by Terry Boardmann (GB) on the echoes and parallels of 1919 and 2019 and by Wilbert Lambrechts (BE) about the question of what a nation actually is. In addition, we will explore the theme through artistic performances, which have also arisen through deep involvement with the wounds of Europe and their possible healing, as well as through the participation in open conversation with everyone present.

Conference Healing the Wounds of Europe. Imagining a New Europe. Solving the Brexit Riddle, Re-Evaluation the Events of 1914–1919, 14 and 15 September, Rudolf Steiner House London (GB)