Human development

Human development

03 July 2019 | Redaktion

From 27 August to 3 September the second All Africa Anthroposophic Training will take place in Zimbabwe. It is about human development and social competence.

The All Africa Anthroposophic Training has five modules. They can be attended individually or as a package. Over a period of five years, the participants meet one week a year. The first module took place in 2018 in Nairobi (Anthroposophy Worldwide 10/2018). The concept of the intensive courses includes meeting colleagues from other cultures by learning about topics of mutual interest and living under one roof. In addition, the surrounding community supports a Goethean view of nature.

The training is about understanding human beings independently of the profession they are involved in. The second module is devoted to questions such as: What is life? What makes human beings individually and socially ‹life-worthy›? How are living beings connected? And how can we apply this wisdom about life in daily practice?

In the second module, the eurythmic gestures of the planetary movements and zodiac signs are introduced in such a way that the participants experience the seven Life Processes, which they also develop through Goethean observation. There will be an introduction to the basics of organic and biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf education, anthroposophic medicine and children with special needs. Participants learn about celebrating the festivals of the year as the basis of a new family culture. They will also learn how the idea of a Threefold Social Order can work for Africa.

Compiled from the program flyer by Sebastian Jüngel