Into the Unknown: Appeal ‘Art in the time of Corona’

Into the Unknown: Appeal ‘Art in the time of Corona’

11 June 2020 Sebastian Jüngel 1574 views

The Visual Art Section at the Goetheanum calls on professional visual artists to submit art work on the topic of Corona. With this appeal the Section would like to highlight two things, firstly, that the artistic work continues, and secondly, that even during a pandemic art is important.

“We must consider the important social and cultural implications of artistic activity”, it says in an appeal sent out by the faculty of the Goetheanum‘s Visual Art Section. Due to the Corona pandemic everyone have experienced what it means to live in uncertainty. For artists this is a familiar experience given that every artistic process involves uncertainty. “And yet, art and culture in particular were not considered to be key aspects of crisis management”, the appeal continues.

Rather than complain about this situation, the faculty wishes to inspire activity. Professional artists can submit their work up until 14 June. Their pieces should express how the crisis is being experienced and what new artistic developments have arisen from it. The pandemic affects people differently depending on where they live and on their situation in life: while some have welcomed a period of peace they had been longing for, others find that their work has gained in intensity and depth. Amazing nature experiences have presented the world in a new light. Others again struggle to make ends meet or take to the roads to demonstrate for their basic rights.

A selection of the work submitted – in principle one piece per artist – will be exhibited at the Goetheanum between 4 July and 28 August under the title ‘Into the Unknown. Art in the time of Corona’.

Exhibition Into the Unknown. Art in the Time of Corona, 4 July to 28 August 2020, Goetheanum

Vernissage 4 July 2020, 4.30 p.m., Goetheanum

Information on submitting art work