Culture of human dignity

Culture of human dignity

24 November 2020 Constanza Kaliks & Claus-Peter Röh & Peter Selg 2506 views

In consideration of current events the General Anthroposophical Section will make human dignity a central theme in 2021.

Two of the events planned for the coming year will be devoted to the question of human dignity, the recognition of others as spiritual beings with their own individuality and their own way of expressing themselves and of contributing to the world.

Alma Humana, the second congress of Romance-speaking countries will take place at the Goetheanum from 7 to 11 July 2021. This congress will explore the essence of human dignity as the most precious but also the most violated human possession in our time and inquire into the situations of the various countries:

Where and how is human dignity in danger, not valued enough or forgotten?

What can we do to foster human dignity?

What are the specific realities and tasks of the individual Romance-speaking countries in relation to human dignity, but also to education, work and nutrition?

Contributions will be offered as a dialogue between representatives from human rights organizations and from anthroposophical working contexts. Artistic performances will be presented by artists from the different linguistic regions.

The Michaelmas Conference in 2021 will also be devoted to the question of human dignity. The conference programme will be published early next year.

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