Video clips on art therapy

Video clips on art therapy

20 September 2020 Silke Speckenmeyer 529 views

ICAAT, the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Art Therapies, has produced short films on each of its four specializations: painting, music, sculpturing/modelling and speech.

“Trying to sense: what was there just now? How did my voice sound? What kind of sensory experience did I just have?” Speech therapist Esther Böttcher is reflecting on an exercise. In time for the Medical Section’s Annual World Conference four films have been completed, giving insight into each of the Anthroposophic Art Therapies. The physician Julia Fellmer, who likes to prescribe speech therapy for patients with asthma, says, “We work on letting go the breath and bringing rhythm to it. The speech begins to flow again.”

The two-minute video clips, in which physicians, therapists and clients speak of their experience, have been produced by the ICAAT team to provide insight into the Anthroposophic Art Therapies. Aside from support in acute cases of illness, Anthroposophic Art Therapies also play an important role in psychosocial care. Working artistically teaches us to deal mindfully and self-effectively with ourselves and can therefore even contribute to the prevention of illness.

The short films were developed for use on social media. They were originally shot in German but a version with German and English subtitles is also available. The films were first shown in a video installation at the Goetheanum and have gone online on 13 September.

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