New Section leaders

New Section leaders

31 October 2019 Ueli Hurter & Justus Wittich 1250 views

Johannes Kühl has been head of the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum since 1996. At the end of 2019 he will pass on the leadership to a team of two.

At the end of this year, Johannes Kühl will retire as head of the Natural Science Section, but continue with other tasks at the Goetheanum. He took over as Section leader from Jochen Bockemühl 23 years ago, which makes him the longest-serving member within the Goetheanum Leadership group. In his time in office he has experienced and carried many activities.

The Natural Science Section which is in name and activity the one most dedicated to the sciences is also special in that it has its own research institute. Building the bridge between spiritual and natural science has always been seen by Johannes Kühl as his key task. A review will follow.

Appointment for an initial period of two years

From 1 January onwards Matthias Rang and Johannes Wirz, both co-workers of the Natural Science Section, will be its new leaders. This proposal was confirmed by the Goetheanum Leadership on 15 October. We are looking forward to our two new colleagues and welcome them warmly.

Matthias Rang is a physicist and has worked at the Research Institute since 2007. During that time he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Phenomenology of Complementary Spectra. Johannes Wirz, who has been a co-worker since 1987, is already one of the leaders of the Institute. He is a molecular biologist whose main focus at present is on bees and seeds.

This double appointment will initially be for two years by which time Johannes Wirz will have reached retirement age. After that a new Section leadership team will be appointed consisting of Matthias Rang and a successor for Johannes Wirz. This will make sure that we continuity as well as ‹rejuvenation› in the Section. | Ueli Hurter and Justus Wittich on behalf of the Goetheanum Leadership