New managing director

New managing director

03 July 2019 | Sebastian Jüngel

In April, Thomas Didden became managing director at Verlag am Goetheanum (Goetheanum Press). Christiane Haid will continue as programme manager.

Thomas Didden sees the oldest anthroposophical publishing firm, founded by Marie Steiner and Johanna Mücke in Berlin in 1908 (DE), as a provider of services. «The value is created by the authors», he says. His main tasks will therefore include the publishing activities of the School of Spiritual Science, the publication of anthroposophical studies and of works, mostly in German, that are of cultural and spiritual interest.

Recent publications include: the correspondence between the poet Rainer Maria Rilke and the Goetheanum actor Elya Maria Nevar, as well as the correspondence, during their Dornach period, between Andrei Bely and Natasha Pozzo, the sister of Assia Turgenev. Later in the summer there will be a book by Elisa Wannert with indications and inspirations for painters titled Vom Farbklang zum Bildmotiv (from colour tone to motif). Further publications that are closely connected with the work of the Goetheanum Sections include a commentary on Rudolf Steiner’s The Inner Nature of Music (GA 283), a study entitled Apokalypse im Ich (apocalypse in the ‹I›), and a commentary on Rudolf Steiner’s first medical course (GA 312) scheduled to come out in early 2020. There are also a few English publications, for instance: The Dignity of the Young Child, volume 1, and the bilingual edition (English, German) of the Class Lessons of the School of Spiritual Science which is envisaged for 2020 (the corresponding German edition will be published at the same time by Rudolf Steiner Verlag).

«It is our task to make these works available to book stores and to make anthroposophy visible in the world,» says Thomas Didden. A newsletter will keep interested readers informed on all publishing activities.