Eurythmy at the National Theatre

Eurythmy at the National Theatre

28 January 2020 Shy Tyng Kai & Jessie Huang 851 views

On 1 January, the Harmony Amateur Eurythmy Club in Taiwan had a three-minute performance at the National Taichung Theatre – with real instruments.

For some years, the National Taichung Theatre has been offering amateur music groups the chance to perform on its stage. The Harmony Amateur Eurythmy Club was selected from 200 groups, and it was the first time the theatre has welcomed dancing performances.

The art of eurythmy is not very well known in Taiwan. This caused some issues in its communications with the technical staff at the National Taichung Theater. They could only offer an electronic piano, which did not match the aesthetic of the performance. It took some time to discuss with them why the group needed a real piano to have live music. Finally, the solution was to perform with real instruments: a flute and bassoon.

It was very challenging for the group had only a very short time for preparation. Before going on stage, there was only one practice and one dress rehearsal with two wonderful musicians whom the group had never worked with before. When the performance started, the audience was so quiet and the mood changed immediately compared to previous dance pieces. This was the only group to perform with live music.

After the performance, the host commented that it felt as if she could see the music visible on the stage. The club members know that their efforts could make more Taiwanese learn a bit more about eurythmy.

The Harmony Amateur Eurythmy Club has practised three mornings a week by themselves after the first intensive lesson given by Shiori Ogihara in 2016. They aim to support their self-education and bring new art elements to the community.