Social Threefolding

Social Threefolding

01 May 2019 | Gerald Häfner

Impulse for the Future: A Hundred Years of Social Threefolding was the title of a conference that brought 650 people to Stuttgart (DE) from 5 to 7 April.

IAWE2019_5_WEB In 1919, just after the First World War, a popular movement started in Stuttgart which, under the name of the «threefolding of the social organism», advocated a comprehensive new social order which was based on comprehensive human self-determination and far ahead of its time.

Our time now asks for a broad transformation of the prevailing system if the climate, the earth, our humanity and human dignity are to be saved. The idea of the threefold social organism is more relevant than ever. At this conference, its underlying idea and history was presented, but above all the focus was its potential contribution to answering the urgent questions we are facing today. The conference was opened by the mayor of Stuttgart, who pointed out how much the city has been influenced by the anthroposophical initiatives that have settled there.

Aside from the big lectures (Nicanor Perlas, Gerald Häfner) on the relevance and future of the threefolding impulse, the Market of Possibilities formed the real heart of this gathering, with over a hundred initiatives presenting themselves in four times 26 conversation rounds. They showed in a compelling way the continuous productivity of this approach and the many possibilities that offer themselves for its meaningful application.

The conference not only brought an aspect of history back to light that had been suppressed; it also provided the opportunity to experience a great number of wonderful people who are working actively out of this impulse on making the world a better place.