Multiple responsibilities

Multiple responsibilities

27 October 2020 Sebastian Jüngel 731 views

From 2 to 3 October the third World Goetheanum Forum took place at the Goetheanum under the heading What Counts? Moving Between Inner and Outer Values.

“The thought that we would spend two days together without knowing when that will be the case again was energizing – it was inspiring,” is how Andrea Valdinoci, general manager of the World Goetheanum Association, summed up the mood during the Forum.

One of the Forum’s main topics was the determination of true costs, common goods and true values (see “Accounting for values”). In addition, the conference members chose concrete projects: some worked on a communication platform, others on questions regarding Corona and how one can carry hardship together, and a third pursued the question of a new global currency based on values. According to a survey, many farmers would work without chemicals or convert to ‘organic’ if the added expenditure were balanced out. Christian Hiss thinks that for Germany these expenses amount to five billion Euros. With a total agricultural turnover of 40 billion Euros the damage to society (‘true cost’) is estimated to be at least 80 billion Euros. This is an issue that needs to be worked on further and extended to include other spheres of life.

During the Forum, the diversity of enterprises that are working towards a better world and are prepared to take responsibility for humanity and for the earth became apparent. The World Goetheanum Association is gradually and increasingly developing into a social space in the sense of the social threefolding idea. One participant said that the presence of young enterprises and ventures revealed the fact that the next generation is beginning to take responsibility.

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