Waldorf impulse

Waldorf impulse

03 July 2019 Aban Bana 1286 views

Eurythmist and Waldorf teacher Aban Bana has composed a rap as a tribute to Waldorf education.

Waldorf Education has given a new meaning to the lives of millions of people all over the world, not just for children, but to all people in all walks of life. I was wondering as to how I could pay a tribute to our dear Dr Rudolf Steiner, who has made this form of education possible. So I said to myself, why not write a poem, which can be recited as a rap? The words came easily and the «Urauffuehrung» (premiere) happened to be on an evening during the agm at the Goetheanum. It was very well received and I was encouraged to present it at the Kindergarten conference and the Youth conference which followed at the Goetheanum. I have also sent it by email to various schools, institutions and of course to my friends and students:

It was in the year nineteen-nineteen,
When the end of the First World War had been.
There came to Dr Rudolf Steiner a friend,
Who wanted a school in order to send
The children of the workers of his factory,
And thus began the Waldorf story.

Emil Molt was the factory head,
With compassion and foresight his staff he led.
Rudolf Steiner fulfilled Emil Molt’s dream,
Giving lectures to the new Waldorf teachers’ team.
An education based upon his spiritual insight,
Of the three-fold aspect of strength, warmth and light.

A curriculum that meets the needs of the child,
That they may grow to be truthful, brave and kind (mild).
On the wings of Anthroposophy, east to China,
As also to the west, to Argen-taina, (to rhyme with China).
With India and many other countries in between,
Remember, now we’re in twenty-nineteen!

So! Waldorf Education is here to stay.
For future generations Waldorf lights the way,
That they may grow up without conflict and strife.
There is hope for children from all walks of life!