Web seminar series

Web seminar series

26 August 2020 | Sebastian Jüngel

Since 31 July the World Social Initiative Forum has been hosting monthly web seminars suggesting individual ways of dealing with social issues.

The pandemic has uncovered so many systemic problems on a global scale that almost everyone sees the need for a drastic paradigm shift. “We human beings do not have to endure these challenges – we have created them ourselves and are capable, through the capacity of changing ourselves and our actions, to remedy the circumstances”, Joan Sleigh suggests. She is project leader of the World Social Initiative Forum at the Goetheanum. The precondition for this is a study of the interrelationships of the crises and the development of concrete ways of dealing with them, which differ according to the local context and individual resources.

One person with experience in finding innovative ways of shaping social processes is Helmy Abouleish, the managing director of Sekem, Egypt. Together, he and Joan Sleigh shared their experiences in fields of social and community work in the first web seminar of the series ‘Living in between spaces – to enhance co-working in the world’ on 31 July. It was the prelude to six further events to stimulate a humane shaping of societal life among each other and in harmony with nature and spirit. Other experts of the series are Marianne Knuth, James Sleigh, Bart Vanmechelen, Joan Melé, Ute Craemer and Gerald Häfner.

English by Joan Sleigh.

Web seminars Living in between spaces, 28 August, 2 p.m. CET, 25 September, 23 October, 27 November 2020, 15 January 2021, 4 p.m. CET, Facebook Live

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