School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science unfolds where the ‹laboratory bench becomes an altar›, where it is possible to perceive the inner side, the spiritual dimension of everyday questions in the school classroom or in the conference room of a bank, and to find the answers that are fitting for us human beings.


Understanding life from within, because all life originates from the spirit. The eleven sections of the School of Spiritual Science work therefore to see life, to understand it and then to promote it everywhere, so that this origin remains wellspring today. Transform what has become into what is becoming.

  • Becoming Human
  • with Nature
  • through Art
  • in the Social
  • in Healing

Becoming Human

General Anthroposophy

In the General Anthroposophical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, central questions of contemporary humanity and anthroposophy are researched and cultivated.

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Spirituality begins with questions and intuitions. In our youth this search is pure and authentic. That is why we encourage young people to create spaces for discussion in order to find their own language and lifestyle for all that lies beyond words.

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with Nature

Natural Sciences

As humans we are part of life, its very soul. It becomes conscious in and through us in animals, plants and someday in minerals. The next step is to understand nature, not control it even more but to discover its very essence.

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To live from nature calls upon us to give her life in return. Life is relationship, so our task is to find and discover new life cycles where the earth nourishes us.

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Ancient myths speak of thinking of human beings born from the stars and guided by them. Today, freed from the stars, a new bond can be formed with the universe, which can take humans beyond the sphere of the earth.

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through Art

Performing Arts

Music, drama, dance, and eurythmy are all art forms of time. They lead us beyond time—it becomes space, panorama. The goal is the imagination, to seek and grasp what is eternal in the moment.

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Visual Arts

Our spiritual nature as humans and that of all life becomes visible in painting and sculpture, which is beyond words and concepts. Here we experience what is spiritual, where understanding and feeling are united.

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Literary Arts and Humanities

How a text becomes a poem, a shape becomes a sculpture, a picture becomes painting: that is determined by the "how." Beauty and truth come together. Here is the source for the quietest form of human happiness.

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in the Social


Pedagogy befitting human beings helps every child to develop its own potential and to understand itself and the world. This type of education encourages children to awaken to what they have intended for life before it begins.

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Social Sciences

We become human beings among other human beings especially when we cultivate community as a living being. If it is healthy, it cultivates soul and spirit and enables all individuals to grow and find themselves.

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in Healing


Crisis and transformation are part of the journey to finding oneself. Therefore medicine should not so much seek to defeat the disease as to reawaken the natural health of the organism and give it strength and direction for self-healing.

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Weekly Journal

Weekly journal ‹Das Goetheanum›

The weekly journal ‹Das Goetheanum› publishes reflections, in-depth studies, reviews, and articles on the current world, the development of anthroposophy and the anthroposophical movement. The journal's editorial staff is independent, but works closely with the School of Spiritual Science, whose activities it seeks to make visible.

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Study and Professional Development

The International Studies Programme at the Goetheanum in Switzerland gives young people in particular the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of anthroposophy. The study programme's objective is for students to become familiar with and deepen their knowledge of fundamental spiritual science contents and methods. The programme is full-time. A high level of individual commitment is required.

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First class

Rudolf Steiner's lectures for the School

On the occasion of the founding of the General Anthroposophical Society during the 1923/24 Christmas Conference, Rudolf Steiner outlined the School for Spiritual Science and began its operation as its director immediately afterwards. He envisaged dividing it into three classes and sections.

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Goetheanum Leadership

The current members of the Goetheanum Leadership are pictured in this photo. From left to right: Justus Wittich, Florian Osswald, Constanza Kaliks, Claus-Peter Röh, Marianne Schubert, Christiane Haid, Gerald Häfner, Stefan Hasler, Johannes Kühl, Georg Soldner, Joan Sleigh, Matthias Girke, Ueli Hurter, Oliver Conradt, Jean-Michel Florin.

Secretariat for members of the school of spiritual science


Members of the School of Spiritual Science and representatives please contact Karin Eckstein

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