Membership in the Anthroposophical Society

Membership in the Anthroposophical Society

If you would like to get to know the Anthroposophical Society, please contact your local group, the national society or the Goetheanum directly.

By becoming a member of the Anthroposophical Society, you make it possible for spiritual impulses to flow into culture through research and the teaching of spiritual science, you help the Goetheanum, as a place of anthroposophically inspired artistic creativity, to develop further and for it to become an international meeting place for people with spiritual interests.

A glance at the Founding Charter and the Statutes of the General Anthroposophical Society provides information on its tasks and work priorities.

According to the Founding Charter (Article 4) of the General Anthroposophical Society "Anyone, without distinction of nationality, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, who considers as justified the existence of such an institution as the Goetheanum in Dornach, as the School of Spiritual Science, can become a member."

Membership in the General Anthroposophical Society is usually through a local or regional group, i.e. through a national society or a branch directly affiliated with the Goetheanum. If you choose this option for your membership, please contact the respective national society.

If you would like to join the General Anthroposophical Society directly as an individual member of the Goetheanum, please contact the Members' Secretariat at the Goetheanum directly. Individual membership can be useful, for example, if you frequently change your place of residence or if you are not seeking a connection to a local group.

Each member receives a membership card to confirm their membership.

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