How to support

How to support

As an institution of free intellectual life, the General Anthroposophical Society does not carry out any profitable economic activity and is recognised by the tax authorities of the Canton of Solothurn as a tax-exempt charitable institution.

The General Anthroposophical Society is supported by its approximately 45,500 members worldwide through annual contributions. In addition, it has income from various services, e.g. scientific research commissions, publications and conferences, etc., as well as from its own public theatre drama and eurythmy stage. In addition, however, the Society is dependent on donations from private individuals, foundations and companies as well as legacies in order to achieve balanced account books, and to carry out special projects such as building renovations, new productions, or research projects.

How you can support the work at the Goetheanum

Support through donations during one's lifetime

Every voluntary donation made by a donor to a donee is a lifetime gift. Gifts generally do not require a written contract. They are carried out with the handover (liquid assets, securities, valuables, etc.).

Free donation or earmarked donation?

Your free donation makes it possible to respond to new impulses for the future that are not yet fully known, and to cover current basic costs. There are also many tasks that are difficult to describe in detail. A donation thus enables a special kind of freedom for work to be possible. With an earmarked donation the donor's intention can be achieved in concrete terms. Enthusiasm for a project and concrete financial participation is what makes this possible.

Donation promise

If you would like to support the Goetheanum as a whole or a specific project, but the transfer of your donation can only take place at a later date or in partial amounts, a written donation promise or a donation contract can be useful and helpful. In this way, your intention can already be planned at the current point in time.

Gifts with the right of cancelation

In the case of gifts of assets, it may be contractually agreed, e.g. in the case of personal need, that a partial or total recall and repayment of the gift is possible without justification. In this way, the donor has security in the event of a personal emergency. Only the donor himself is entitled to the right of recidivism; it expires upon the death of the donor.

Donation of land and buildings

Donations of land and buildings require a publicly notarized contract and entry in the land register.

Gift under retention of usufruct

It may also be agreed that the donor himself is entitled to the usufruct of the gift. (Example: Donation of a property, where the donor reserves the right of residence).

Donation of usufructuary rights

A further possibility is the donation of an income or the usufruct of a portion of assets, without this portion of assets being donated itself. (e.g. donation of a percentage of the income from a participation in a company, the income from securities or the usufruct of real estate, etc.)

Legacy and testament

Will and Legacy (Legacy)

Inheritance is a special form of giving. If you wish to draw up a will in which you wish to name the Goetheanum as an heir or legatee, you should use the "General Anthroposophical Society," the legal body responsible for the Goetheanum and the School of Spiritual Science, as the appropriate recipient. If you live in Germany, we recommend that you read the information brochure of the Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle eV, which is available from us, before drawing up your will and bequests. In this brochure, the individual designation options are explained in detail. Especially in the case of complicated financial circumstances, we recommend that you make a notarial last will and testament.

We are happy to be at your disposal for personal advice, questions, suggestions, or information. If you have any questions about special projects, please feel free to contact the individual sections or departments directly.

Justus Wittich

Oliver Conradt

Tax issues

For private individuals residing in Switzerland

As a non-profit organisation we can issue donation receipts for donations from private individuals. These are tax deductible in Switzerland in almost all cantons (according to cantonal regulations). Donations to the General Anthroposophical Society are exempt from gift tax.

For private persons residing in Germany

Donations to the General Anthroposophical Society must be managed by the Anthroposophical Society in Germany eV. From there you will receive a corresponding donation receipt, which you can claim for tax purposes. (See: Information on accounts). Direct donations to charitable institutions based abroad are not tax-deductible in Germany.

For private individuals residing in other countries

If you reside in another country, you can transfer your donation to the respective national association for forwarding to the Goetheanum. With regard to tax deductibility, the respective national regulations apply here.

Donations from institutions

For questions about donations from institutions, please contact:

Oliver Conradt
Phone +41 61 706 44 20

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