Inner light and strength

Inner light and strength

29 August 2019 | Antje Schmidt

The summer conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain from 31 to 4 August was entitled «Inner Light and Strength» and focused on spiritual renewal.

Around 70 people came together at Emerson College to share an exciting programme. Marah Evans invited us to honestly confront our soul experiences, for instance the sense of insecurity we have when we don’t know something. The soul has an open attitude when it experiences itself as vulnerable, as not yet knowing. This makes it possible to penetrate to the depths of the soul and let them speak – a potential for new mystery dramas through the sympathethic experience of other biographies.

Michael Chase presented masks made for working in prisons and specific gestures on biographically significant life stages and spoke about experiencing them in planetary spheres. Richard Romsbotham illustrated spiritual exaltation and presence in his portrayal of the encounter between Andrei Bely and Rudolf Steiner.

The potential of bundled forces

The Saturn path was introduced incidentally, in open encounters. It proceeds in stages from sensory to supersensory perception. The moon path on the other hand starts inside, in the unconscious layers of the body and the will, and rises in stages up to consciousness and clear supersensible perception.

Jeremy Naydler spoke of the relationship light has with the spirit and with electricity, in the context of the G5 mobile communication system. Here, I would have appreciated to have time for meditating on our questions and impulses, because of the opportunity that such a gathering provides for «bundled» soul forces to «learn to speak to the stars».

As a small answer to the question as to what can be done, at the level of the life forces, for humanity and the environment in our time – when we are gifted as well as weakened by technology – a few people stirred and sprayed some horn manure during the «social» evening. The skies opened for us! The spiritual world and the earthly beings responded as in a blessing.